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Linen suspender dress

Linen suspender dress

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Washed linen for extra softness and comfort,
But it is born with muscles and bones, and it still has the characteristics of not sticking to the body.
Generally, clothes fit on the body and will be closely connected with us.
Linen is not,
There will be a tiny space between it and you,
Let your skin breathe freely,
Let you have no sense of confinement...
This suspender dress has made small highlights on the basis of common styles.
The shoulder straps are open,
Everyone can adjust the length according to their own dressing habits,
The bottom hem of the side seams is also designed with slits, which is convenient for coming and going, and enhances practicality.

Standard sizes:

S: Short skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 72cm Mid-length skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 98cm Bust 92cm Bottom hem 118cm

M: Short skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 74cm Mid-length skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 100cm Bust 96cm Hem 122cm

L: Short skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 76cm Mid-length skirt length (excluding shoulder straps) 102cm Bust 100cm Hem 126cm




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5.5''/14cm tall
7.8''/20cm wide
3.5''/9cm deep

Care Instructions

1. For cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth.
2. To restore it, wipe the oiled leather with a soft, dry cloth.
3. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or near heat.

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